PlayStation Store Now Available On the Web

PlayStation Network users have a new portal to browse and shop for the latest games and movies: their Internet browser.

PlayStation Network Web Store front page image

For years access to the PlayStation Store required booting up your PlayStation 3, a process (some would call a grueling one) that in a world where smart phones allow us to buy anything we want with a few swipes of touch screen is horribly archaic.

That’s changing though, as a part of Sony’s continuing efforts to renovate their digital storefront – step one was to give it a shiny new paint job and interface – now include allowing PlayStation 3 users to buy games and videos direct from their favorite Internet browser.

I decided before writing this post to take the PSN web store for a test drive and found it to be a really solid experience. Nothing fancy either; just a quick, simple U.I. that gets you to the content you want, which is really what all digital stores should strive for.

That said, the Sony Entertainment Network web store is currently now running in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil, but unfortunately – yeah, with Sony there’s always a but – you can’t reach the store using your mobile phone.

But that feature, along with advanced recommendation functionality, and remote download queuing will be a part of future updates that hopefully won’t be that far off. I hope.

Until then just head on over to the PSN web store to check it out for yourselves or stay on Walyou for Nintendo Direct coverage and the Audojo gaming controller for your iPad.