Star Wars Spaceships Made Out Of Floppy Disks

Our dreams of flying through the emptiness of space dropping missiles on the Death Star’s weak point can be recreated once more, this time with ships made out of floppies.

Instructables user Jetpack5 came up with these as a fun little project, and even put instructions up for those who want to recreate these. As our readers can surely tell, there are models of the X-wing, Millennium Falcon and Death Star in the picture. Nice! Can we get a Tie Fighter now?

Do you still have any floppy disks around the house? If you’re younger than, say, 22, it might be hard to come around some disks to create this, but hey, that’s what we all have parents for. Good luck! And check out some other Star Wars stories at Star Wars Clocks Feature Vehicles and Star Wars Comic Style Posters.