Star Wars Villains as Kids

Even villains used to be kids, and before they wanted to rule galaxies, control civilization, eat people, hunt them down or simply become galactic renowned mobsters, they were simply small people, odd looking kids, only looking to make friends and have fun. Star Wars villains are no different.

Darth Vader

Kind of a plot hole, because Anakin didn’t wear the suit as a kid.

Boba Fett

Who didn’t carry around a Han Solo carbon-freezing balloon around with him back in his younger days?

Jabba the Hutt

You could see he was annoying as a kid as well.

Furry Wampa

Nobody wanted to play with the bully of the neighborhood.

The Emperor / Senator Palpatine

Hard to imagine Palpatine as a fun loving kid spending his days at the beach, but what do we know?

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