The Best Steampunk Engagement Box You’ve Ever Seen

Most men just get down on one knee and open a little velvet box containing an engagement ring. It is sweet and simple. But for one guy, “sweet and simple” isn’t enough and opted to build his own jewelry box with a hidden compartment for the ring!

Like every girl out there, if they like to admit it or not, I think about how I will be proposed to (and then the wedding, of course, but first let’s start with the engagement). I think about the guy taking me to a really romantic place, then him saying some romantic jibber-jabber as he stutters a bit, and then dropping down to one knee and opening a box containing a diamond ring. It’s sweet, it’s romantic, but it is also the “usual” way to be proposed to. But one guy decided the “usual” way just was not going to cut it, and decided to do something a little bit different. He made a jewelry box for his girlfriend with a secret compartment that hid a beautiful diamond solitaire engagement ring.

Check out some of the pictures below, and for more pictures on the creative process click here to check them out.

This is definitely a new and unique way to propose to someone. And you get to keep the jewelry box as well, which is something great to tell the future children.

Dear guys out there, I am putting you on notice. After your ladies see this, they may not want the “usual” way of being proposed to. You are going to have to start thinking outside the box…like making one of your own special boxes!

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