The Best Steampunk Watches

Steampunk as a fashion statement is something of a hit or miss in my eyes. One thing it’s perfect for? Watches, pocket or wrists. The exposed mechanical design, the coloring (often gold with dark brown) and the shape provide a fantastic blend of modern and antiquity, which is what steampunk is all about.

Multi Function Steampunk Watch

best Multi Function Steampunk WatchSteampunk isn’t only about the look. It’s about functionality, and this Inspector Gadger looking watch gives you the feeling like you can conquer the world, if you just master it’s functions in time. More details can be found here.

Steampunk Wristwatch For Her

women Wristwatch steampunk

This watch is absolutely breathtaking, the color combination is amazing, if you are looking for a great steampunk watch for a woman I believe that this super chic Steampunk watch can do the job. You can find more details about this watch here.

Skeleton Wrist Watch

steampunk Skeleton watch

There’s something unique about watches that look exposed and broken up from the inside. This skeleton watch is made from top quality vegetable tanned leather, is hand dyed and stamped. You can get this one for $89.

Personalized Steampunk Watch

Personalized steampunk watchIf you want to feel like H.G. Wells thinking about when it’s time to move forward or backwards in time, this classy, stylish steampunk pocket watch does the job of making it feel like 19th century Britain. Available for $190.

Devon Steampunk Limited Edition


You can go Steampunk and still making it look modern. Maybe it’s the shape or the edges of this design making it feel like a different kind of steampunk, but from every angle, it looks one of a kind and special, so if you have $25,000 to spare… you can buy this one.

Steampunk Phthalocyanine Wristwatch

steampunk Dark brown strap, brass body image credit

 A true beauty of a watch, which gives this sense of something brewing and happening under the glass at all times. Something you’re not quite capable of explaining or describing, but you know it’s there. You can find more information on this beautiful watch on his instagram account or vk account

Personalized Skeleton Steampunk Watch

Mechanical Watch Automatic Steampunk watch

Remember the “H.G. Wells|” watch? Well this comes from the same design team. A little bit more modern looking, a little bit flashier, but just as special. This handmade watch retails for $190

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