Turn Your iPhone Into a Touch Mouse With Mauz [CES 2013]

Don’t you hate it when you leave your mouse at home? But it takes so much space, too… Well, no need to drag it around wherever you go, now you can use your iPhone as an emergency touch mouse when ever you need it.

This iPhone add-on project is being executed by a company called Spicebox, It is just a concept gadget, currently under development. The company behind it is looking for funding to complete this project, which they say will require around $150k in the next 60 days or so. If they manage to get it, then bam, new iPhone add-on. The Beta version of this product is planned to be released in small quantities in April 2013 with final inventory units ready for sale coming June 2013.

How does it work? Basically, it’s a small device that allows you to turn your iPhone into a functioning mouse. The products name is Mazu and comes with an iPhone app that will allow you to control pretty much any device from your iPhone. After starting the app you’ll have a full computer mouse interface using you iPhone, right-click, left click and scroll functions. You can even control your computer from across the room using your “Mauz-Pad”. The device itself is super light and weights only 15 grams it’s size is smaller than an average matchbox (1.7in x 1.4in).

Beside being a very useful computer mouse, Mauz is also set to give users the ability to control their computers with physical gestures as well as button presses – it is literally a handheld, three-dimensional pointing device.

Via bitrebels