Steampunk Willy Wonka Robot Dispense Oodles of Gummy Bears

It is every child’s dream to be in the shoes of Charlie Bucket, who wins the contest in Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

Inspired by the children’s book, Doktor A recently contributed his Steampunk robot Willy Wonka to the Monsters and Misfits Show, which took place in Japan. Just as surreal and morbid Roald Dahl’s stories usually are, this Steampunk Willy Wonka is morbid and at times, bleak too. The robotic candymaker comes equipped with brass and metallic paraphernalia, which help in the process of making candies.

It is not clear who the little assistant next to Willie Wonka is, and the best guess would be that he is Charlie Bucket.

What catch your eyes more than anything else, are the toxic looking candy syrup jars. The jar holding red syrup read “Wasted Chances”, while the one with yellow liquid reads “Forgotten Dreams” and the one with green syrup reads “Unfulfilled Ambition”. These wordings strike a note with even the most positive-minded of people, as we all waste chances and forget our own dreams. Most of the times broken dreams are repressed back into our unconscious while unfulfilled ambitions are projected on those whom we love the most, for instance our own children.

Life certainly has its bitter sweet moments, and much of it can be bitter to most of us. It is only when we read good literature like Roald Dahl’s and other writers, that we come across our own broken and forgotten dreams, wasted chances and unfulfilled ambitions. Instead of regretting over these human conditions, it is better to swallow them like pieces of stale candies, that don’t taste good. Perhaps this is exactly what Doktor A was alluding to, when he created this Steampunk Candymaker.

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