Boba Fett Groom’s Cake: Say Goodbye To The Bounty-Hunting Days

Maybe we got it all wrong, and Boba Fett IS married indeed… to bounty hunting and being a badass, which carries over to this delicious cake.


This incredibly realistic piece here was baked by Lauren Kitchens, the designer and owner of Fancy Cakes by Lauren. Notice the details, scuffs and blaster marks on the armor. Pretty damn kickass, right? Thanks to this cake here, the groom can be reminded of the freedom he’s letting go of and what a terrible mistake he’s making. Nah, just kidding, we love Boba, but Han Solo is twice as cool, and he’s with Leia.

Thanks to the WhenGeeksWed team for this lead! There’s more Star Wars cakes at Star Wars Death Star Cake and 27 Star Wars Cakes: Taste the Sweet Side of The Force.