Fashionable Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suits

Star Wars fans who grew tired of classic motorcycle suits will be delighted to find out that a Canadian company started manufacturing suits that are faithful replicas of the Stormtrooper outfits.
Star Trek fans, on the other hand, can start to sigh in chorus, as we don’t see any Starfleet-inspired motorcycle suits coming anytime soon, not to mention that they would offer minimal protection and look overall hideous on a bike.

These exquisite suits manufactured by UD Replicas are made from grade-A cowhide and come in two colors, as seen in the above picture: Shadow Trooper Black and Stormtrooper Imperial White. Considering that all the segments comprising the suit are rounded, there is no question regarding the aerodynamics of this outfit. Moreover, most of the segments are adjustable, so the suit will fit perfectly on the biker. The cuffs and the wrist zippers feature snap buttons. The upper part of the suit is connected to the lower part through a zipper that is placed on the waist. One thing to remember is that the Stormtrooper motorcycle suit does not only look good, but it also offers an impressive protection, all this for “only” $1,130.

Next, we are looking forward to see some Darth Vader or Boba Fett motorcycle suits. However, I’m not sure what the police would say about bikers wearing such outfits, but as long as the suits are not stiff and the helmets do not obstruct the vision, I do not see what would be the problem. The protection of the biker while riding a motorcycle is very important, so as long as this aspect is not neglected by suit manufacturers, there should be no limits in the design, especially when the results are so attractive as the suits presented above.

In my opinion, the Stormtrooper motorcycle suits are more suitable for sports bikes, as a combination between these outfits and Harley Davidson bikes, for example, would be very hilarious. On the other hand, a combination between these suits and the bikes from Tron or even the Bat Pod would be more than awesome. Should any of my readers consider this statement a sort of heresy, I sincerely apologize.

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