9 Inspired Morse Code Designs

You don’t need to be an aviator or an erstwhile spy to be familiar with Morse Code. This electric coding system may have fallen from grace decades ago, but it is now back with a bang.

No the keepers of peace have not  rediscovered it, but the dots and the dashes have found favor among the designsphere. The last few years have seen an influx of Morse Code designs that range from the sublime to the surreal and have been designed to appease both the techie and the design nut. So listed below is our favorite — — .-. … . / -.-. — -.. . / .. -. … .–. .. .-. . -.. / -.. . … .. –. -. … (Morse Code inspired designs) and do tell us your favorite.

Morse Code Wine by Parallax Design

Drinking Vino  just got cooler or geekier (depends on your perspective) thanks to Australian based Henry’s Drive wines. The wine connoisseurs can access all the information about each variant of the wine via the labels printed in English or in Morse Code.

Morse Code Cutting Boards

Your epicurean adventures now come with ingredients like a dash of Morse Code. Brooklyn based Gowanus Furniture has designed a stunning collection of monogrammed  Morse code cutting boards and each board has a story to tell.

The Code Ring

Monogramming “forever yours” is so passe and now the geeks can express their love in their own inimitable style. Fashion designer Rajo Laurel’s ” Code Ring” seeks inspiration from the Morse Code and has a secret universal message of love inscribed.

Vibrating Morse Code Watch:

Alas still a concept, but the Vibrating Morse Code is made stuff off techies dream off. Designed by Nemoto San,the watch tells time in Morse code, making it also ideal for  for the visually or hearing impaired.

Morse Code Tie

The Fashion Police may come out in full force, but the techies will cheer. This Morse Code Tie encapsulates the geeky spirit and can be purchased online from here.

Dit-Dah Rug

Ditch the neighborhood IKEA and instead get something funky and quirky like the Dit-Dah Rug. The ‘Dit-Dah’ Rug is a play  on Morse code, as the “dits and dahs”, have been replaced with solid white and bright orange dots to represent the letters, numerals, punctuation and special characters.  Each rug contains an encoded message and forges an interactive bond with the consumer.

TokyoFlash Morse Code LED Watch

Tell time geek style with the uber-cool TokyoFlash Morse Code LED Watch. The device displays the time in both 12 and 24 hour modes and the watch also comes equipped with a speaker that  beeps out the hours and minutes in Morse Code.

Holly Berry‘s Morse Code Blanket Collection

Beat the winter chill in these Morse Code inspired blankets and watch blanket comes with a super sector message. Our personal favorite? The LOVE blanket since we are quite the romantics here.

Team Morse Code Doggie Tee Shirt

Why shouldn’t your precious pooch get its geek on if you do? The Team Morse Code Doggie Tee Shirt will be lapped up  by any self-respecting geek pet owner and is available here.