The Strand Craft 122 is One Super Yacht

The new Strand Craft 122 super yacht is one impressive machine. Not only is it sleek and fast but it comes with its own sports car and lounge.

super yacht water

The super-rich really know how to live a life filled with luxury. This new super yacht, called the Strand Craft 122 is probably one of the single most impressive toys that bored millionaires can hope to get their hands on.

Sporting a slick, futuristic design, this silver bullet of a yacht really has everything going for it. Inside, there are four double staterooms, four washrooms, a reception hall and crew cabins. There is also a main lounge, one that’s the epitome of comfort and smooth design. Not only does it come with leather couches and a carpeted interior, but it also sports a massive sound system and 52″ LED TVs.

super yacht interior

According to our source, this Eduard Gray designed super craft packs quite a bit of punch under the hood. It’s equipped with twin Rolls-Royce engines that come with an optional 14, 000 horsepower boost. You know, in case you suddenly need to go really, really fast. The yacht should be able to hit some impressive speeds of 55 knots.

super yacht car garage

As an added bonus, the yacht also comes equipped with an 880 horsepower, V12 engine sports car. The vehicle, which was designed specifically to be housed in the floating garage, is also all about speed, being able to cruise at a smooth 230mph if you can ever find a highway that’ll let you.

super yacht and car

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