Alien-Inspired Interior Design: Peculiarity Meets Practicality

If you are a chiropractor, neurosurgeon or an avid fan of the movie Aliens, then there’s an interior design team waiting to fulfill all of your nerdy desires.

Philip Watts Design, based in Nottingham, UK, is an interior design company that specializes in innovative architecture of everyday things. They have won several awards for their contemporary and cutting-edge creations; from urinals to portholes, Philip Watts Design is finding a way to recreate necessities. For instance, why have a boring set of stairs when you can have this beautiful bespoke staircase:

This sculpture marries the structural integrity of a mundane necessity with a melting metallurgic spine. Gleaming metal encompasses the timber vertebrae, which are flanked by plates of glass. The puddles of metal beneath it are not only an interesting design aspect, but also give the piece a slimy sci-fi feel reminiscent of a facehugger. Where’s an exosuit cargo-loader when you need it?

Philip Watts Design have an array of sexy and sleek designs, like their three seat caterpillar bench which, for some, might be a bit on the creepy side. However, if you are a fan of putting the funky in function then you will love what they can do for your bathroom.

While this staircase may not be a Han Solo Coffee Table, Philip Watts Design tickles my nerd fancy.