Shine On with the Smart Kangaroo Light

Light fixtures are one the things designers can test their creativity on to no end, as there are extremely numerous ways to design, power and even connect them. With so many options, it might be difficult to stay original, but the Kangaroo Light definitely manages that.

Kangaroo Light started as a Kickstarter project back in May/June 2014. Studio Banana Things, the London-based company that created it, managed to exceed the funding goal by a tiny bit, and promised its backers that it would start shipping Kangaroo Light in October 2014. A bit over a year has passed since then, and the fun, yet functional crowdfunded lamp is now commercially available. Typically sold for $119, Kangaroo Lamp is available in our store, Walyou Deals, at a discounted price for the next two days.

Kangaroo Light excels in portability, flexibility, and innovation. It can be used in bedrooms or living-rooms to provide a touch of light, or you can take it with you basically anywhere. Place it at the bottom of your backpack to quickly find the items you’re looking for.

It has a high-quality silicone exterior, so it’ll be very difficult to get it dirty. With that out of your mind, you can proceed to using it anywhere: as a private reading light, ambient lighting, portable camping light, personal torch, place mat, night light, or even bathroom light. As Studio Banana Things put it, your imagination is the limit. It really doesn’t matter if you bend it or keep it flat, as the Kangaroo Light can take it.

There’s a long-lasting built-in battery, so you don’t have to worry all the time about charging the lamp. More precisely, the included Li-Ion battery can provide up to 2.5 hours of non-stop light, and can be easily recharged via USB, so it might be a good idea to carry a power bank with you. That means that you can move between the different settings in which the Kangaroo Light can be used without frantically having look for power outlets.

One of the most important aspects about this smart light fixtures is that it connects via Bluetooth to Android and iOS devices. Once it’s connected, users can easily turn it into an interactive light fixture. The brightness of this smart lamp can be easily adjusted from any mobile device, be it smartphone or tablet. More than that, Kangaroo Light includes an accelerometer and touch electrodes that enable various types of interactions and incredible illumination modes. It can turn on, turn off, random flicker, change intensity, pulse, etc.

Check out the following video to learn how the Kangaroo Light came to be, and some of the different scenarios it could prove useful for.

Studio Banana Things’ Kangaroo Light can be purchased for $99.99 on Walyou Deals, $20 off the original price. If you forgot to buy someone you love a Christmas present, this would be fit for such an occasion, assuming that it’s not late to deliver it between January 2 and 5. The product is shipped for free to continental US addresses.

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