Master Mobile Development with Walyou Deals’ Free Android Mobile Hacker Bundle

Just in time for Christmas, Walyou Deals brings you the free Android Mobile Hacker Bundle, a collection of five courses for everyone who wants to get started with mobile development in the new year.

One of the most frequent New Year resolutions involves learning new skills, or maybe even getting a new, better job. However, in order to learn something new, people typically turn to online courses that quite often cost very much. Case in point, if you were to buy all of the courses included in the Android Mobile Hacker Bundle at full retail price, you would have to pay $126. Knowing how important it is to get off on the right foot, Walyou Deals offers this bundle for free, in the hope that people’s lives will take a turn for the better in 2016.

As seen in the above image, the bundle includes:

  • iOS & Android HTML5 Apps for Beginners
  • Learn Android Studio in 2 Hours
  • Development Essentials within DIY Project
  • Game Development Crash Course
  • Learn Android 4.0 Programming in Java

Each course has a retail value ranging between $9 and $69.

The first course, iOS & Android HTML5 Apps for Beginners enables pupils to learn how to create HTML5 Android apps. Some of the covered topics include the creation of forms and implementation of video and audio, the addition of dynamic elements to apps with JavaScript, the creation of professional looking UIs with jQuery Mobile, and the publication of the apps to Google’s Play Store.

Next in line, Cristian Gradisteanu’s Learn Android Studio in 2 Hours focuses on one of the most important integrated development environments for streamlining Android programming. Android Studio is developed by Google, so it’s the right IDE to use for creating, maintaining and debugging code.

Yoda Learning’s Development Essentials with DIY Project helps users consolidate their knowledge of Android development by going back to the simplest of notions. As the name of the course itself suggests, it’s all about the fundamentals, so you need to master the coding environment before managing large databases. The courses culminates with the creation of a real app. Even though the course starts simply, with the basics, by the time you finish it, you will definitely be an expert in the creation and publication of Android apps.

The Game Development Crash Course enables users to create impressive mobile games using the Corona SDK. As with the previous course, this one starts with basic notions, and enables users to first create simple games. After studying animation, tap & touch events and audio, users can proceed to building far more complex games, without advanced coding skills.

Last, but definitely not least, Learn Android 4.0 Programming in Java is a course that teaches users how to create apps for the Android 4.0 platform. Seeing as we’re having Android 6.0 Marshmallow now, it may seem odd to develop apps for such an old platform, but there still are a lot of people who are using Android 4.0 devices, so creating real, working apps for them still makes a lot of sense.

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