Sunfriend: A UV Watch That Protects You From Sunburn

Sunfirend only looks like a watch to be accurate, but it doesn’t matter. This new gadget measures UV exposure so it can alert the user when they are about to get burnt, so they can spend time in the sun without having to worry about being in it for too long.


This gadget pretty much makes sunscreen unnecessary. Sunscreen does protect the skin from the harmful rays, but it isn’t only good: It stops the skin from absorbing UVB rays used to make vitamin D. Some experts have warned that the use of sunscreen has caused worldwide deficiency in the vitamin.

Sunfriend is an attempt to reverse or somehow affect the Vitamin D deficiency while still protecting people from the sun’s dangers.

How does it work? You begin by inputting your skin sensitivity on a scale of 1 to 11. The LED lights lining the watch will illuminate as the UV exposure increases. When it’s time to stop getting roasted and step into the shade, the LED lights begin to flash.

Image via Geeky Gadgets

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