Abstract Super Mario Side Table Jazzes Up Your Living Room

What could be better than bragging about a cool table that is crafted in such a way that it resembles or is inspired by your favorite game?

super mario side table 1

Well, the Super Mario Side Table by the good folks at Gummies and Glowsticks is just what a Mario fan ever wanted. At $79.95, it is one of the best gifts that you could buy for a Super Mario fan. The side table measures 24″ tall and 16″ wide. With a cool 8 bit Mario design on the top, this could be the best way to build a conversation with those shy guests that often visit home reluctantly. The table also comes with a classic warp pipe and an 8 bit Star, which forms the base. Made of furniture grade wood and PVC pipe, this little table will last for a long time to come.

super mario side table 2


It can be placed anywhere in the house or office and will always cause people to talk about it, when topics for conversations are running dry. There is something really cool about video game inspired furniture such as this one, as they immortalize once popular video games forever. Who knows, one day this very table might fetch a lot of money at some obscure auction house in an even more obscure part of the world.

super mario side table 3


The way I see it, this little side table could very well make for a smart investment choice if you are the type who buys curiosities. Super Mario fans would also be pleased to know that this table is as authentic as it can get to a third party artifact. If you are a huge Super Mario fan or you know someone who loves this timeless game, then you should go ahead and order this table soon, before it gets sold out.

super mario side table 4


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