Super Mario Question Block Lamp

A great lamp based on a instant recognizable item from the world of Mario that is sure to be a “hit” in any gamer’s household.

Super Mario Question Block Lamp Image

Gold coins would have been totally cool, no doubt, especially in these cloudy economic times (grr, curse you student loans!), but given how already top-tier excellent this special light fixture is, the inviting glow it gives off is definitely enough. And for only $60.00 USD, not counting shipping, it’s the best end table piece to any respectable gaming enthusiast’s home.

Yes dear readers, what you’re looking at, is a fantastic lamp take on the iconic video game item that can be easily found (or usually smashed) in any Nintendo title staring that world famous plumber, Mario — an actual Super Mario Question Block Lamp, or as TheBackPackShoppe lists this on their Etsy page, a “Mario Question Mark Block Lamp.”

Super Mario Question Block Lamp Image 1

What ever it’s called, it’s one fine piece of video game inspired creativity and craftsmanship; all built from sturdy poplar for the frame, colored translucent acrylic to make the Question Block, and colored paper for a much lovely texture. There’s even a bit of wise-minded functionality to the Question Block Lamp too; the top part can be removed with little ease to change the light bulb if need be. Nice.

Overall, this lamp looks so flippin’ great. So much so that you almost want to hit it like its in-game proxy… but you can’t ’cause you’d probably smash it into broken bits. Uh, speaking of which, this World’s Least Expensive Iron Man costume certainly looks like it was made from broken bits. Oh man, does that look bad — please  Ion Audio’s iPad Guitar Apprentice, save me from such dire quality!