Super Mario Bros. Storage Blocks

Mario nostalgia remains quite popular and, as a result, so does a variety of fan-made art based on the hit series. These Mario block storage cubes are just one great new example. While those in their late 30s and beyond may have more nostalgia for classic arcade games, those of us around our late 20s tended to grow up in the 8-bit console era. Nintendo’s works are still amazingly popular, with many video game geeks having particular fondness for the Mario and Zelda games. We’ve covered a wide variety of related goods ranging from the Working Zelda Treasure Chest to the Working Mario Coin Block, and now Technabob has shown us a new one in these cool little storage blocks.

Super Mario Bros Storage Blocks

Super Mario Bros Storage Blocks 2

These 4-inch cubes are crafted to resemble the brick and question blocks from the original Super Mario Bros. Hollowed out, their intended use is as a Wii remote caddy, but they can truly be used for just about anything. Some of the pics show off examples such as turning them into miniature planters or as a replacement for the boring cup on your desk which holds all your pens and other utensils.

Those looking for more of a Mario-themed use may choose to fill a block with spare change, plant a flower with some resemblance to the game’s fire flower, or maybe even use it as a storage for dried mushrooms (the legal kind, of course). Whichever use you decide, these cubes are a cute and practical way to show off your love for the classic Mario games and they’d make a great addition to any computer room, gaming room, or children’s room. Of course, that’s not to say they can’t be shown off elsewhere. They retail for ¥1,500, which converts to about $18, and you get your choice of the brick block or the question block.