appBlaster Allows iPhone To Be AR Gun

Since the iPhone has been released, more and more uses have come out that allow the iPhone to be used for things other than just using it for a phone.

Of course some of the newest uses for the iPhone will only be discovered once the iPhone 5 is finally released this September.  Being able to play games and with toys using your iPhone is one of the best parts of actually having an iPhone.  Whether you are controlling the AR Parrot Drone or playing one of the many, many, many games that are available on the app store, the iPhone can provide hours of gaming fun.  Of course the arrival of the appBlaster gun takes gaming fun with the iPhone to a whole new level.

With the appBlaster you can attach the iPhone to the futuristic looking gun and it turns the whole device into an AR blaster that will take any shooting game you have on the iPhone to a whole new level.  The gun also incorporates the iPhone’s motion sensor so that when you swing the gun to the left, the action on the screen moves to the left.  Pull the trigger and the enemies you are looking for are shot.

The gun works by pushing pads against the screen much the same way your fingers would be pushing the right spot on the screen.  In order to reload the gun you simply cock it and the motion sensor does the rest of the work.  The drawback of the appBlaster is that at the moment, there is only one game that will actually work with the gun.  Alien Attack has been setup to work with the gun but should there actually be real popularity with this particular device you can certainly expect more iPhone apps to be released in the very near future that will have controls that work with it as well.

The appBlaster is available for pre-order in Great Britain now and the device costs the equivalent of $32 and will be shipping starting July 6th.  Check out the video of the appBlaster showing just how the thing works.