Be the (Super)Hero! 30 Slammin’ Marvel Superhero Apparel Designs

Marvel superheroes, which are better than DC superheroes (except Batman), shouldn’t be limited to your mind or to the big screen.  If you really love a Marvel superhero, you should show wear that affection proudly, literally.  These 13 pieces of Marvel superhero clothing will have you geeked out in no time, ready to go off into the world and show that Marvel is awesome.  It’s free advertising for Marvel and expensive geek-chic fashion for you.  Enjoy your meal this display of Marvel apparel!

Tokidoki Marvel Superhero Flat Brim Hats

These Marvel hats by Tokidoki are cute and funny, yet manly at the same time.  They feature Iron Man, Wolverine, and Captain America as the main “cover superheroes,” but the hats still include Spiderman (my favorite) and the Human Flame helping his buddy roast some weenies.  That’s the benefit of inviting me to a party – I’ll bring weenies and a George Foreman.  I might also destroy your house in the process of cooking the weenies.

Marvel Superheroes Ski Masks

In case you were planning on going skiing or just wearing a hot black ski mask in the middle of the summer at Comicon or something, this piece of Marvel Superhero clothing is definitely for you.  These ski masks feature Marvel superheroes such as Captain America, the Hulk, Iron Man, the Punisher, Spiderman, and Wolverine.

Marvel Superhero Hoodies

These Marvel superhero hoodies feature Captain America, the black Spiderman, and the normal, more cheery red and blue Amazing Spiderman.  No, these hoodies don’t give you superpowers, Yes, I’m going to call my gramma and ask her to buy me all three of these.  I taught her how to use the internet, so she owes me big time.  Without me, she wouldn’t have been able to torrent “Chantilly Lace” by the Big Bopper.

The Punisher Belt Buckle

If this Punisher belt buckle doesn’t scare away thugs trying to mug you, I don’t know what will.  “A metal baseball bat.”  I don’t like you, and how did you get into my house?

Spiderman Belt Buckle

This Spiderman belt buckle will surely and some geeky pizazz to any belt that you can add it to.  Boring black belt becomes awesome Spiderman belt.  The belt that my girlfriend whips me with to force me to do the dishes becomes much more painful.  (But also more amazing.)

Sweet Iron Man Shoes

The one thing that would make these Iron Man shoes cooler than they are would be mini jetpacks.  If you could look cool and fly into the air, you’d probably get to talk to Anderson Cooper or Bill O’reilly or something awesome like that.

X-Men’s The Beast 59Fifty Hat

This is a rather furry take on Marvel superhero clothing – the Beast from X-Men sports his blue furry hat very nicely, though.  (Hopefully it doesn’t shed.)

Iron Man and Captain America Shoes

These two cool Marvel superhero shoe designs were created by Brassmonki, but I found them on ObviousWinner.   Obviously, I was the Winner for finding these awesome Iron Man and Captain America shoes.

Marvel Superhero Cufflinks

Wolverine, Spiderman, and Captain America finally come in superhero cufflink form!  I am wearing the Spidey ones to my next professional event, for sure.

Cool Iron Man T-Shirt

This Iron Man t-shirt actually looks like body armor!  Unfortunately, it still doesn’t block bullets, nor does it have built-in air conditioning.

Iron Man 2 War Machine Hat

This is a cool Iron Man 2 War Machine hat, but the inside of the cap is a bit too “busy” for my taste.  The outside is good, though.

Awesome Deadpool Sneakers

Another design by Brassmonki: the Deadpool sneakers.  Though Deadpool is one of the more unknown Marvel characters, he is just as amazing as the rest of them.

Tokidoki Marvel Superhero Shirts

From the same series that gave you those adorable Marvel Superhero hats comes these adorable superhero shirts.  What?  Is that Thor petting a unicorn?  WANT.

Jack Kieffer owns Cool Gizmo Toys, a blog for geeks that would love to have teams shirts with Thor petting unicorns on them.