SocialBro: Strong, Protective and Loyal Twitter Management Tool

Managing, analyzing and understanding the people you follow and interact with on Twitter can become a burgeoning task, especially when there are several applications which offer Twitter analytics but do so in different ways.

In fact, most tweeps would agree that it is difficult to find that perfect app which is not only efficient and ‘clean’, but also feature rich. SocialBro is a new Twitter analytics application that offers powerful community management and analytic-tools. The application allows you to browse your community on a slick Adobe Air based desktop client. Keeping a track of followers, unfollows, filtering and sorting your tweeps, unfollowing noisy and spammy tweeps, and tracking influential people on Twitter is surprisingly easy, efficient and accurate on SocialBro.

The application also allows you to backup your Twitter community to a local database and you could even send tweets and direct messages right from the desktop client. The best feature has to be visualizing statistical information related to time zones, languages, users by number of followers, recent activities and various other permutations and combinations. Social Bro also suggests you the best time to send your tweets, search users by various keywords, make and manage lists, and control your Twitter account from an intuitive interface without having to bother about looking for a number of applications.

SocialBro comes from the guys who behind FollowFriday, which lets you thank people by mentioning them every Friday if they had been good to you throughout the week. e24apps, the Spanish startup behind FollowFriday is also known for a host of other really useful Twitter applications focused on helping users to find and follow the right users such as FriendLynx, Hashtagram and FilterTweeps to name a few. At the moment, SocialBro is in private beta and the application is also available in Spanish and Portuguese (they just announced the Portuguese version today).

Leticia Polese, Communication Manager for e24apps Network revealed that they are also working on Facebook and other social networking sites so that SocialBro becomes the social CRM where you can manage all your contacts in social networks. Curiosity made me ask the people behind the new startup what they think about the present social media scene.

On their opinion about how Google+ might have affected Twitter, Leticia suggested that it was too early to comment on that and that “the only thing we can say is that when there is a healthy competition between companies the benefit is for all of us.”

About the so-called ‘social media wars’, Leticia believes that social media is always in constant motion and that there is always room for everyone. On being asked what she had to say about recent trends in social media, she suggested that most apps rely heavily upon users emotions and sentiments rather than delivering real analytics that could be of use to both professional and non-professional users. She said “there are a variety of sentiment analysis and monitoring tools available now. However there are only a few professional tools that are focused on getting to know the communities on the social networks. That’s why we developed SocialBro, to fill this gap.”

I couldn’t agree more! If you haven’t yet, you should go ahead and download SocialBro, and see how easily it would help you manage your Twitter stream and get rid of the clutter. At the moment, SocialBro is free and premium versions maybe available in the future though. SocialBro will soon run on Chrome and is set to be released in September. Future updates shall see better list management features, add notes and reminders to the users, tag users and even manage those important twitter messaging campaigns.

SocialBro is the big brother that would take care of your Twitter stream and protect you from net bullies, spammers, rogues and noisy tweeps, and also help you in social CRM with many features that would be added in the near future. As far as I can see, Socialbro has been a really good bro for me for the last one week, and if SocialBro were a real guy, I would have asked him out to cool me off. Well, that’s a different story altogether. Uff, hermano, que calor!