Don’t Leave The House Without This! Superhero Essentials

The greatest heroes on Earth are not as recognizable as their outfits: they’ve become flags of ideals, and their colors evoke them. Superhero fashion advisers always try to make a point of how important it should be to get everything right: what if Captain America forgot the A on his forehead, or Thor’s armbands were black and blue? Evil would triumph, that’s what would happen. In order to prevent this, the two-pixels team have created a few graphs that should remind the heroes of the basics, required for the job. Check out some of them:

Captain America Essential Gear


Now, this costume is literally a flag. Don’t get it wrong, you’d be angering a whole country.

Rogue Essential Gear


We’re glad the writers are including the green/yellow version of Rogue’s suit (our favorite), but above all, that she has a pair of gloves. Otherwise, we wouldn’t even be able to shake hands with her.

Thor Essentials


Thor is probably one of the least benefited heroes from this chart, as he doesn’t suit up, but transform thanks to the power of the Mjolnir. In any case, the graphic is still pretty cool.

And just so our readers don’t call us Walyou team a group of good-for-nothing goody-two shoes, here’s some villains too, which are just as awesome.

Doctor Doom Essentials

You just can’t rule a Eastern European country with an iron fist without suiting up properly. Particularly if people call you Doctor Doom.

Magneto Essentials

The Malcom X of the X universe! Had we been the Marvel Editors in the 60s, we would have questioned the red and purple outfit, but I guess seeing how popular the character is proves Lee & Kirby made the right call.

We found this lead thanks to Unsere Freunde at Thaeger. To see more Super Hero related stuff, check out 10 Comic Villains We Love To Hate and 8 Super Heroes That Should Get Their Own Videogame.