11 Geeky Superhero Sweaters

Ah, sweaters. They usually get recognition during Christmas, but most of that isn’t any good. There’s nothing much to say but admit that this kind of clothing apparel tends to be ugly, no matter what’s on the front and/or back.

But… if you’re going down, at least show the world you’re a terrible dresser, or simply letting your mom pick your clothes for you, by showing the world your excellent taste in culture, or to be more exact, geek culture.

Letting Superman Keep You Warm

Having a Hard Time Deciding

Making the Right Choice (Dark Knight, Who Else?)

Although hoodies and sweatshirts are a more common way of showing your inner geekiness by displaying the symbols, logos and what not of your favorite comic book superheroes, the message can be sent across just as well by wearing an ugly sweater. No, wearing a Batman sweater doesn’t stop it from being ugly, but at least you’re cool, in the eyes of certain people.

Even Dogs Prefer Batman

Yes, it’s OK putting your dog in one of these. In general, knowing that dogs are good and cats are evil, dogs should only wear superhero sweaters, while cats should be wearing villains’ clothes. I think it’s only natural both sides will feel more comfortable.

How About Some Woman-Power (Wonder Woman)

Marvel In Da House (Spider-man)

And it Gets Geekier

Wolverine Sweater Like Material

For Those Feeling Deeply Patriotic (Captain America)

For Those Who Want to Look Fast (Flash)

When the bullies in school run after you to beat you up after seeing you in this, I do hope that some of the Flash’s speed rubs off on ya.