The Addams Family’s Steampunk Thing

There was something really creepy yet really entertaining about The Addams Family. One of the coolest characters so far has been Morticia, with her weird eyelashes and the funny voice with which she spoke.

However, the creepiest of them all had to be the Thing. The Thing or that severed hand which ran several odd errands to The Addams Family was not only creepy but it was capable of inducing images that were scarily surreal. This time around, an artist has created the Thing in a steampunk-esque manner which surely looks really creepy.

Whether the hand goes and fetches the newspapers or stirs sugar in tea, it can’t cease being creepy and terrifying. Funnily, it even comes with a wind-up key, with which perhaps the hand will move and terrorize whoever isn’t part of The Addams Family. The Thing measures 7 inches tall minus the box case. It is made from steel, found objects, brass, lead, rubber and wood.

At a price of $1400, it can be purchased at Wootini Gallery. One might argue that it is a tad bit expensive for a hand like that. However, we feel that it is more than just a replica of The Thing, but is instead a Steampunk art piece that has subtle themes built around it.

In fact, the Thing could conjure images of mechanical hands that work in strange labs dissecting animals in order to find one of those elixirs that mad scientists crave for. It even conjures images of badly disposed human organs in certain hospitals where the administration may have gone berserk. it conjures images of a complete apocalyptic world, where severed organs gain a form of life themselves and begin to function on their own.

These horrifying images and many more can be imagines while looking at this terrifyingly beautiful piece of art work. You could also go ahead and take a look at the Steampunk Lightsaber, which is not such a bad art piece after all. The Steampunk Mr. Potato Head may appeal to the more traditional minded. If you were looking for something more bizarre, do try the Steampunk Professor Xavier Wheelchair.