Comic Book Superheroes as Letters

Minimalistic art, for superheroes as for anything else, is the way to go these days. A lot more original for the time being, although that’ll probably change in a while. A nice twist on the trend is taking Superheroes and portraying them as the first letter in their names or nicknames.

Matt Cowan has the the Super ABC book out for everyone to get the full spectrum of A-Z comic book heroism.

B – Bane

Super villains can also be included. Plus, Bane does have his Anti-Hero moments from time to time.

B – Beast, Hank McCoy

B is also for blue, and there’s no one bluer than original X-Man Hank McCoy.

C – Captain America, Steve Rogers

Frozen, dead, spiraling through time and dimensions. Captain America has been through everything.

C – Cyclops, Scott Summers

Marvel have finally made Cyclops’ character much more interesting in recent years, taking leadership after Charles Xavier and then splitting the X-Men up.

D – Daredevil, Matt Murdock

A local, neighborhood kind of hero, and always will be, despite the bigger scale schemes he’s sometimes adapted for.

G – Gambit – Remy LeBeau

The most famous Cajun speaking persona on the planet, real or fictional?

H – Hulk, Bruce Banner

For a while, in recent issues, the Hulk and Bruce Banner were to separate entities. That didn’t last very long.

I – Iron Man, Tony Stark

The movies have turned Iron Man into Marvel’s second biggest asset after Spiderman, right up there with the X-Men.

S – Spiderman, Peter Parker

T – Thing, Ben Grimm

The least annoying quarter of the fantastic four.

T – Thor, Simply Thor

The man, the hammer, the muscles.

T – Two Face, Harvey Dent

W – Wonder Woman, Diana

Wonder Woman kinda reminds me of Wolverine in this one, but maybe it’s just the W.