Pikachu Toy Car Enthralls Pokemon Fans

Satoshi Tajiri is probably known best for the Pokémon media franchise, which consists of video games, anime, manga, trading cards and even books.

The most popular Pokémon has to be Pikachu, which has almost become a culture icon for the Japanese in recent years. Thus, it should not come as a surprise if we found many artists and designers creating products and crafts that are inspired by either Pokémon or Pikachu. Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy is playing into the minds of Pokémon fans who love cars and has released the Pikachu Toy Car.

These mini toy cars would be given away as part of a promotional campaign for the brand new Pocket Monsters feature film. There are three kinds of cars that could be grabbed. The list includes the Pikachu Toyota Porte, Oshawott Toyota Porte and a Pokémon Toyota Alphard mini-van.

It would be really cool to get hold of all the 3 toy cars if that is even possible. If you are not much of a car person, you could go ahead and get a slice of the Pikachu Cake which we had featured sometime ago. The Pikachu Ball Gown can be worn by those who like to play dress-up while watching anime videos.