Superheroes & Their Secret Identities Art

Most superheroes have a schism inside of them: The regular person and the one that goes around saving people and fighting villains.

Designed by Danny Haas, this particular art piece takes a different approach to usual superhero art: It shows them as both their alter-egos and in as their secret identity, the real person if you will, all in one.

Half Iron-Man, Half Tony Stark

Tony Stark isn’t super-powered like others on this list; He’s just so smart and so rich, he gets to build a suit so good that it makes him a hero.

Half Batman, Half Bruce Wayne

Unlike Stark, Bruce Wayne is the mask, not Batman. But the suit isn’t what makes Batman a hero.

Half Green Hulk, Half Bruce Banner

If you’ve been following the comic books, you know that the two have been apart for quite a while.

Half Superman, Half Clark Kent

Unlike Batman, Clark Kent keeps insisting that Superman is the disguise, while all he wants to do is be a regular guy.

Half Wolverine, Half Logan or James Howlett

Unlike the rest on this list, Wolverine doesn’t conceal his true identity. Mutants in general are who they are for everyone to know, with the suits or without them, most of the time.

You can pick up the print yourself in a size 13?x17? for $20.