Lockout Hockey For The NES By Andrew M.

A hockey videogame that truly speaks what’s on every hockey’s fan mind during the NHL’s lockout.

Ice hockey nes nintendo image

Oh, woe is the professional hockey fan. For the third time in its recent history, the National Hockey League is going through another labor dispute between players and owners, which have resulted in tons canceled games – including the beloved outdoors-located Winter Classic – and broken hearts across North America.

Being a NBA faithful, myself, and having to go through last year’s dreaded NBA lockout, I know how depressing it feels being denied one of your favorite sporting pastimes, so this year’s 2012 NHL lockout must be especially painful to puckheads, like not being able to eat a delicious pie being kept under a glass dome.

Poor, hockey fans. Lost in a sad hockey-less void until both sides come to agreement and end this numb-inducing posturing between millionaires. Sounds like fun times to me (if you couldn’t tell, I’m being sarcastic), but if you really want a good laugh, I’d recommend Andrew M’s take on the NHL lockout with the provided YouTube video below.

Repurposing 1988’s Ice Hockey for the NES – a memorable sports title for many, well, because it was only one of the few sports titles based on hockey for the gaming console – Andrew M. created a special version of the game that humorously captures the current state of the NHL called, appropriately, Lockout Hockey.

It’s billed as “the most realistic hockey video game ever” and comes with two play modes, “players” and “owners.” The players mode, as far as I can tell, being an 8-bit money grab that should either make you laugh out loud or drive face first into a miniature tub of Ben & Jerry’s. I recommend Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream.

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