Tandem for the Disabled

Being confined to a wheelchair is in itself a cause of great mental and physical pain. To make it worse is the perception of people towards the disabled. This is one shocking realization that Alexander Pain was confronted with when planning his electric wheelchair Tandem.

Pain spent a good amount of time on the wheelchair to get the feel of what a disabled person goes through everyday. As he had initially thought it was not the limited mobility that weighed him down but instead the stigma attached to it. This, probably, proved to be a driving force in encouraging him to go ahead and design an alternative to the wheelchair and the result was Tandem the electric wheelchair.


Tandem is no doubt a wheelchair but a very modern and trendy looking piece. The looks could leave you wondering whether it is a wheelchair or a scooter as it has looks very different from that of a conventional wheelchair. Besides, it also has the facility to accommodate a pillion rider.


This French designer has revealed two looks of the stylish ‘wheelchair’ both having cool colors and slight variations in design. The very basic one has two seats, one for the disabled and one for the passenger. A cool white color is paired up with striking orange color for the seats. Neither of the seats here have a back rest. This could prove to be a little tiring if used for long hours. The second design is black in color with beige being selected for the seats. Two basic changes can be noticed here in the form of a shade and back rest for the front seat. This one can definitely be used for long hours without much exertion.


One difficulty that a disabled person has to face with a traditional mechanical wheelchair is operating related. It does require muscle power to move around or the help of a second person to maneuver the chair. With Tandem this problem can be overcome as Tandem is an electric chair. This will make movement easy on both plain and rough surfaces providing the user with great comfort.


Tandem is a four wheeled ‘vehicle’ which gives a sense of safety and security to the user and the passenger. It has ample foot resting area and two security bars in the front.


The designing world always comes up with stylish looking goods that are most often related to a luxurious living. When something like Tandem comes along one gets to realize that there are designers who are also thinking of solving problems faced by the disabled. Hats off to Alexander Pain!

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