Snazzy TARDIS Door Decals for Doctor Who Fans

If you thought doors hold answers to mysterious questions that life poses, this Doctor Who TARDIS Door Decal must help you travel in time in search of those answers.

These decals seem pretty cool but the only hitch is you will have to paint the door blue yourself. Moreover, it wouldn’t be all the fun if you don’t have a door that faces the street as no one would be impressed by the Doctor Who decals except yourself and a few others who have the permission to enter your lair.

The Police Box door decals are designed in such a way that they resemble Dr. Who’s TARDIS. The decals consist of 4 stickers and they look really terrible if used on a door that is just white or some other color. The $30 will fetch you only the 4 stickers and not the blue door. You will have to get it painted yourself and I am sure that will cost quite a lot of money.

It would be interesting to imagine travelling in time once you step inside this Doctor Who TARDIS inspired door if you manage to get it painted blue as well. You could also go ahead and take a look at the USB TARDIS, which we wrote about some time ago. The TARDIS Lockers will keep all your jewels safe.