Totally Rad Lego Inception Video

If you liked watching Inception and all the psychological horror that it made you go through, you surely must have waited for an official game based on it.

While we can never expect Lego and Traveller’s Tales to unveil an official game based on Inception, we surely can take a look at this fan made clip that imagines what Inception would look like in Lego. The video was put together by a bunch of students who required 12 weeks to finish the entire clip. In terms of time, it took almost 100 hours to finish filming the video.

The video looks pretty amazing and it recreates Christopher Nolan’s dream narrative in a parodied manner that anyone can get impressed with. VFX, the team consisting of visual effects and concept design students surely deserves a lot of praise for creating something so cool that even Lego has not come up with still.

It would be really nice if someone actually coaxed the guys at Lego to create an official Lego Inception game which most of you can grab. You could also take a look at the Lego Inception Character Posters that we had featured sometime ago. We had also written about a similar attempt to create Lego Inception sometime ago, but that was not as extensive as this project.