Keep Your Booze in a TARDIS-Inspired Liquor Cabinet

For Dr. Who fans everywhere, who are also fond of the drink, you can’t have just any old liquor cabinet. You need to have a cabinet that looks like Dr. Who’s infamous TARDIS!

If you are like me, you have always wondered what propels these crazy adventures Dr. Who has. Well, the reason why has become evident – his TARDIS is stocked to the hilt with booze!

There is a ton of TARDIS novelty items floating around the globe, but none are going to give someone a hangover. This liquor cabinet really caught our attention because it is not small, and it is not minimally packed! There’s a lot of liquor to be had in here. There are storage and shelving throughout the TARDIS, making it the best accessory for starting a party. And when the party is finished, just close it up and you just look like you have a TARDIS in your living room! It is a great way to hide the liquor. (Here’s looking at you students going back to university!)

And just like with Dr. Who’s TARDIS, you enjoy this one a little too much, there is no guarantees that you will wake up in your bed the next day, let alone your own home. But hey, if you are going to enjoy some time traveling, you need to pay the price for it. And I think that I would be willing to pay that price. (The cabinet has some good liquor in there!)

Currently, there is no information regarding the person who built this beautiful, fully stocked cabinet. There is also no information on if this is available to purchase, or if this was created by a person who loves his liquor as much as he loves Dr. Who.

(Via: Gizmodiva)

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