Dr. Who Tardis Case for iPad, iPhone and More

Leather cases for Apple products may be stylish, but they somehow lack personality. Doctor Who fans can now protect their iPads, iPhones and even their MacBooks with a Tardis-themed case.

Tardis-themed MacBook Case

The Tardis case for laptops can accommodate a 13″ MacBook, along with a mouse and several cords. Obviously, it is not mandatory to use this padded case only for Apple notebooks. According to the designer, the sleeve fits laptops that do not exceed 11″ in height, 14″ in width and 1″ in depth.

Tardis-themed iPhone Case

If you need protection for your iPhone, iPod or regular cell phone, the padded Tardis sleeve. The dimensions are not fixed, as the designer is also able to create custom cases, created specifically for your gadget.

The design is not very detailed, but the material is soft to touch, and the protection that these sleeves offer cannot be denied. Both cases pictured above are made from two layers of polar fleece and feature black Velcro. The windows of the Tardis are sewn to both layers, to make sure that they do not fall off. In the case of the MacBook sleeve, the Velcro is used for shutting the flap, while on the iPhone sleeve it only plays an aesthetic role. An elastic loop and a blue button are used for keeping the sleeve shut and your cell phone protected.

iPad Tardis Case

iPad owners are certainly not neglected by the designer. For the protection of their beloved gadget, they can rely on a sleeve that is based on the same Tardis design. However, the tab closing system is a bit different in this case, as in involves a black button and a loop made from polar fleece. Depending on the availability, this system may be subject to change.

Hopefully, there will be more such cases coming from designer. There are many iPhone and iPad owners who like the baddies from the British series, so sleeves featuring the Daleks or Cybermen would surely be appreciated.

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Via: Etsy