Tesla Guitar Iron Man Performance

Those of you who actually watch “America’s got Talent” have already seen a version of this performance, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing. These people take the term “electric guitar” to the next level with Tesla Coils.

The video begins with two people in very bizarre and quite unattractive outfits.  They resemble knights in chainmail armor, especially the second man at the back, who has the material covering his whole face. The man playing the guitar seems more like a mix of a biker knight. After a few seconds of nothing happening the guitarist starts to play, and as he does lightning like electricity connects the generators and the tip of the guitar.

As the performance goes on, the guitarist moves out of the way and the second man moves in. He then starts moving his arms around and plays with the lightning. It sounds a lot cooler than it looks. It is a great performance because it is new in its field and gives tribute to Iron Man of Black Sabbath.

I have a feeling that this is going to be similar to the invention of moving pictures. At first people were amazed that it could be done. The very first films were just people walking by or a train pulling into a station. However, that will only get you so far in terms of audience interests.


This band is in its early stages, where the audience is amazed that they are able to do such a feat, but soon they will have to elaborate if they want to continue to amaze people.

For the time being, while no one has experienced these performances, they are a spectacle when performing Black Sabbath’s Iron Man.

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