R2-D2 Vacuum Cleaner Doesn’t Suck

R2-D2 is widely known as the brave and lovable astromech droid featured in every single Star Wars movie. Since he is already a repaired droid, housekeeping skills are a logical extension of his abilities – well, that’s the idea behind the R2-D2 vacuum cleaner, anyway.

Although C-3PO was my preferred character in Star Wars (we share the same paranoid personality), R2-D2 is unquestionably a fan favorite. Despite his communication skills being limited to bleeps and bloops, the silent sidekick is funny and cute – not to mention the fact that he saves the day at least once in each movie. It’s quite common to see various goods inspired by his design, from console mods to plushies.

R2D2 Vac

R2-D2 appears to be quite suited to performing janitorial duties along with his basic repair work, as he can wheel around freely in every direction like a Roomba. Additionally, he already looks somewhat like a vacuum cleaner – in fact, there’s an urban legend about how the design of the astromech droid could have actually been inspired by the appearance of a vacuum popular at the time. This may be merely a myth, but it’s still interesting to see how the droid looks after a simple modification attaching the hose and head of a vacuum cleaner to his frame.

Unfortunately, as the title of the post suggests, this looks to be naught but a clever photoshop job – especially since R2-D2 is looking a bit grimy in this particular image, which does not invoke the image of cleanliness that a vacuum cleaner should embody.

However, I don’t think it would be too difficult to do a simplified version of this mod at home, especially if you found a vacuum cleaner in the same general shape. R2-D2’s design is so distinct that you would only need to paint on a few intricate details for your vacuum to be recognizable as the famous droid. Then, you would finally be able to say that you have a cool R2-D2 vacuum cleaner that actually sucks!

Via: Gamefreaks