The 8 Best Tablets For Kids

We compiled the best kids tablets you can buy right now, we made sure all are safe to use, child-friendly and have a reasonable price tag.


Best Tablets for Kids Dragon Touch

It’s not nostalgia to admit that kids growing up today will never know the joys of an old Nintendo console, a movie in a VHS, playing casettes or vynil for music, or playing with rocks (yes, we did that a lot). Kids grow up today in a world with tablets, mobile games, video streaming and so much more, and tablets are their go-to entertainment center so we have created a list for geeky and not-so-geeky parents so you can know and understand what to get for your child. This is our compilation of the best tablets for kids, tablets for toddlers, and tablets for young teens where we balance price and what these tablets actually do. If you wanted to get a tablet for your child but weren’t sure how to proceed exactly, just read on, and pick your favorite!

Dragon Touch 7″ Quad Core Kids Tablet

Best Tablets for Kids Dragon Touch

The Dragon Touch 7″ is a fantastic tablet for children, both resistant and packing enough oomph to run stuff smoothly. It comes with Zoodles pre-installed, a feature that ensures parents have a degree of control over which sites the kids can visit on the internet (gotta keep them away from the shady corners). It sports a Quad Core CPU to ensure it’s powerful yet portable, and performs well whether the kids want to watch their favorite TV shows or movies, or play some mobile games. What’s more, it comes with some fun and educational games pre-installed meant to give your boy or girl just the right amount of challenge for his or her age.

Another detail that is really cool is its kid-proof durable case, strong enough to withstand the hits and drops that come naturally when kids are playing, but that is also light enough that parents won’t have trouble lugging it around in their purses or bags for the moment when the kids get bored. Finally, this beauty comes in a variety of colors so you can choose between blue, red or pink among many others.

Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet

Best Tablets for Kids Fire HD 6 Kids


Amazon’s Fire series is truly at their best when it comes to their tablets for children, and the Fire Kids Edition is our favorite tablet they’ve done so far. The tablet comes with 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited and a Kid-Proof Case meant to protect the Fire HD Kids Edition from drops and hits.

On a technical side of things, this tablet is as good as any adult tablet, featuring a 7″ IPS display for the best image quality, and two separate cameras in the front and rear. Furthermore, you can add storage to the tablet adding a microSD card for up to 128 GB, which is more than what most kids know what to do with. This tablet is not only for little kids and toddlers, but up to preteens will end satisfied with what it does combining power, storage, and image quality along with access to some of the best and most popular apps in the market. This is a much better product for tech-oriented families and geek parents, and while it costs more, you will be sure you are getting a quality product.

Regardless, the best part is that Amazon themselves are aware this is a product meant for kids, and when kids are at play, no matter how much security the adults build, accidents are going to happen. That is why they offer a 2-year worry-free guarantee with the tablet that covers anything that could possibly happen to it – the user only needs to return the tablet and Amazon will replace it for free, no questions asked. This even includes electrical damage or mechanical breakdowns.

Contixo Kids Tablet

Best Tablets for Kids Contixo Kids

The latest version of the popular Contixo Kids Tablet is here, with some of the most robust touch panel systems to ensure it works for a long time. This tablet is built for connectivity, and to allow other devices such as headphones, speakers, and keyboards function when paired for more and better control. It comes with a kid-proof case and 3-layer screen protectors, which are light but sturdy, made of non-toxic soft silicone material that is both eco-friendly and completely harmless.

The Contixo Kids has some 20 games and apps for kids pre-installed that are age appropriate and can be used straight out of the box so no matter what’s your computer level with technology, you will know your kid is in safe hands. Furthermore, it has access to Google’s Play Store like any Android device where you will be able to get new games and apps, but which you can lock your kid out of so nothing gets downloaded without your explicit approval. Its Kids Place Parental Control will ensure you don’t have to worry about unfriendly content on the Internet or perform any activity you do not approve of, which is a valued feature among some parents.

Regardless, outside of its kid-friendly features, it’s a poweful table with a Quad Core 4x 1.5GHz A7 processor and 8GB storage built for speed, and running Android 4.4 KitKat system, one of Google’s best and most stable Android OS’s yet. This tablet is even very decent at multi-tasking, and can display things on the screen while outputting movies or TV series on a separate, high-definition TV, for example, so parents and kids can both get use out of it simultaneously. Finally, this tablet has a 30 day warranty where customers can return it if after trying it out they are unhappy with it. Not a bad deal at all. You can see it in more colors such as pink, blue, and purple among others.

KingPad K77 Tablet

Best Tablets for Kids Kingpad K77

This is yet another light-weight, slim, portable tablet. The Kingpad K77 features a 7 inch size body that makes it perfect to fit in purses, backpacks, bags, or even a pocket (on jeans for men, at least) but still packs enough power to run all the apps kids happen to enjoy. Thanks to its Quad Core CPU, the Rockchip RK3126, 4×1.3Ghz, apps will run smoothly and users will in turn get more fluid games and a better video streaming experience. It comes with an 8 GB on-board memory that can be further expanded via Micro SD cards, which can in turn go up to 32 GB of memory – forget worrying about what to delete to make room for new apps, this is more than plenty. The Kingpad K77 runs on Android 4.4.4 KitKat, which makes it perfect for multitasking, chatting, running a variety of apps, and even work with it – if your kids could ever put it down, we mean. It can be paired with several other devices via bluetooth such as mouse or speakers, and features micro USB ports to allow connection with printers or keyboards in case the adults need to use it to work.

Also worth mentioning, this tablet is a true HD device, outputting 1024×600 HD on its 7 inch screen and using 512MB RAM to power apps, which is about the industry’s standard for devices of this type. It features two cameras that kids can play with, and comes with an AC Adapter, USB Cable and user manual so you don’t have to waste time trying to figure things out yourself. It comes in a variety of colors, so be sure to explore to find your favorites version!

Snugg Shock, Drop & Kid Proof case for iPad

Best Tablets for Kids Snugg

The Snugg isn’t a tablet itself, but a case. If you’ve been in the Apple camp for a while, chances are you’ve had some iPads before that you’re not giving any use right now, and are considering those might be good for your kids if it wasn’t likely that they would destroy it in the first few minutes of play. That’s where the Snugg comes in – it’s a powerful case meant to protect your old or new possessions so children get to have their fun with some of the best and greatest products in the market, and you can rest assured knowing that your beloved gadgets are safe, and without scratches.

Its fantastic design ensures the best available protecion for the iPad while still getting full access to all ports, buttons and cameras. Its ergonomic handles give the users (IE, your children) a better, more secure grip, control and manipulation of the iPad itselft so it’s not only protected, but also your kid drops it less.  It is not an expensive case, at only some $25 USD, but the peace of mind you will get from this purchase is truly priceless. What’s more, the Snugg comes with a lifetime guarantee and 24/7 customer support so they can solve any issues you might be having with it.  The Snugg comes in Pink and Blue variants so the kids get a choice and can also participate in the decision process.

 Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – Kids Edition

Best Tablets for Kids Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition

Just because your kid is young doesn’t mean they need to settle for second brands. If you happen to be an Android person, you might already be familiar with Samsung’s spectacular Galaxy series, one of the few brands that can compete toe-to-toe with Apple when it comes to the most important flagship devices around the world.Well, it turns out there is also a kid series of Galaxy tablets, out of which the Samsung Galaxy 3 Tab Kids Edition happens to be our favorite as it balances what it can do with price – especially if you were to choose the refurbished models, which work great and are heavily discounted. You can hardly get more bang for your buck than with these series.

This tablet is spectacular for running and doing all a regular. non-kid edition of a Galaxy tablet can do. Its 1.2 GHz Dual-Core Processor ensures everything runs smoothly, and its 7″ Display (capable of true HD at 1024×600) with Dual Cameras guarantee picture-perfect images. This tablet runs on an older version of Android, the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS, and runs the apps on 1GB of RAM Memory which is about double what most other tablets on this list have. It has some 8GB Internal Memory which can be futher expanded to 32GB via microSD slot – as we’ve said above, this is more than any regular user could possibly need, and if you’re not a regular user, you probably don’t need this list anyways!.

The kid-friendly features come in the form of its spectacular parental controls that will not only ensure the kids do not visit shady websites, but will also help the parents to manage access and time limits, so bedtime remains bedtime and not playing-mobile-games time. Its durable design is perfect for withstanding drops and splits, and also helps kids get a more secure grip so it drops less overall. Furthermore, 7″ Yellow with Orange Bumper Case makes it stand out, ensuring it doesn’t get lost or forgotten once parents have to run.

Alldaymall 7″ Tablet for Kids

Best Tablets for Kids Alldaymall 7 inches

The Alldaymall 7″ is a fantastic tablet for young boys and girls that is incredibly powerful, light and cheap for its relative price. It runs on a Allwinner Quad Core A33, one of our favorite CPUs on the market, which is perfect for multitasking and raw speed when running your favorite apps. Furthermore, being that it has about the same size as every other tablet in this list, this is surprisingly light and robust, ensuring you can take it anywhere, and thanks to its extra protection around the edges, the most frail area in any tablet will remain protected from any kind of unfortunate drop.

Its 1024 x 600 high resolution 7” display ensures users can enjoy video content and gaming straight from this screen, without having to use any secondary screens such as TVs or monitors. It sports only 8GB storage, which is about the only thing we didn’t love from it, but should be enough to download the most popular apps for children as long as an adult can help manage the storage. Everything runs on Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat OS, which gives users access to the latest emoji icons in chats for more expressive conversation capabilities along with voice search and access to services such as Google Drive for the best convenience.

This tablet also features two cameras so kids can use with Skype to stay in touch with parents or friends via video chat as long as there’s WiFi to connect to. This device comes with its respective USB cable, a charger and user manual.

Fintie Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Best Tablets for Kids Fintie Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 case

Just like we mentioned when we recommended the iPad case above, if you’ve been an Android user for a while, and have been specifically using Samsung’s acclaimed Galaxy series, there’s a chance you might have some old or modern Samsung tablets lying around the house, and that your kids have asked to use them a couple times. The Fintie series for Galaxy Tab ensures you can do exactly that while keeping your beloved tablet safe from all harm.

It’s made with dense heavy duty EVA foam, a material that you might be familiar with if you have any interest in high-end sneakers. Its thick foam completely covers the back, sides and extends the surface of your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 to keep it safe from scratches if it happens to be laid down or dragged. Also, the material and grip handle makes it easier to carry around and get a better grip to avoid drops. The idea is that this is a durable, sturdy case that can whistand wear, shock and drops while also staying light and hazard free. What’s more, this is an eco friendly case so it is also perfect for eco-conscious users who are not only thinking about the present, but the future too.

The case can also convert into a stand case or handle to carry it around from school to home, so the users can use it anywhere they want. It also features cuts and opening to ensure easy access to cameras and ports to make use of the tablet’s capabilities as unobtrusive as possible. This tablet is also all about personalization, so users can pick from a variety of colors in the link we put above, and pick between blue, green, magenta, purple, red and black.


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