The Ultimate Toothbrush

The design of the tooth care products took a 180-degree turn with the introduction of the OHSO travel toothbrush.

First of all, the OHSO toothbrushes include a watertight cap with a clip that could prove useful if people wanted to carry their tooth care kit as a pen. Removing this cap implies a twist-and-pull motion, but it should be rather obvious. Once the cap is removed, you will notice the bristle that is screwed to the main compartment of the toothbrush. In terms of innovation, the main compartment is where the magic happens.

The replaceable brush is removed by rotating it counter clockwise. Next, you have to take your favorite tube of toothpaste and connect it to the main compartment by rotating it clockwise. All you need to do after that is to squeeze the toothpaste tube until the indicator of the OHSO toothbrush is full. This product seems to have been designed with the Colgate toothpastes in mind, since these are compatible right away. However, if you prefer other brands, you will have to use an universal adapter. Once the main compartment is filled with toothpaste, you will need to put the brush back into place. The quantity of toothpaste is said to be enough for a week, so for extended journeys you may want to take a toothpaste tube with you.

The toothpaste from the main compartment gets directly on the brush when rotating clockwise the knob from the end. Since the nozzle through which the toothpaste exits is made from rubber, it will not harm your teeth upon contact. The OHSO travel toothbrush has an increased functionality, as it is an all-in-one product that will do more than just saving room in your travel bag.

The OHSO travel toothbrush can be purchased on the manufacturer’s web site for $14.95 for the clear vented version and $19.95 for the chrome vented one. OHSO Marko gift sets are also available for $24.95, while a pack of three bristles costs $8.95. All in all, the OHSO products are very appealing, especially considering the innovative design, so the price is rather decent.

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