The Worst Batman in History Keeps Apologizing For It

Despite being one of the biggest stars in the world when it comes to film, George Clooney will forever be remembered as the worst Batman in history. He’ll never stop apologizing for it.

In 2002, George Clooney talked to the New York Times about the low budget for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. He mentioned Batman & Robin as well.

I’ve been in those Pluto Nash kind of movies — Batman & Robincost $160 million — and you know they’re a waste of money.

Clooney Batman

A few years later (2006) Clooney had an interview with Barbara Walters. Maybe because of Brokeback Mountain’s success or maybe some other reason, Clooney decided to say his Batman was a gay one.

I was in a rubber suit and I had rubber nipples. I could have played Batman straight, but I made him gay.

In 2011, he had an interview with Total Film, and had a lot to say about the movie that killed the franchise, forcing it to be re-invented.

Fat Batman

With hindsight it’s easy to look back at this and go ‘Woah [sic], that was really shit and I was really bad in it. It was a difficult film to be good in. I don’t know what I could have done differently. But if I am going to be Batman in the film Batman & Robin, I can’t say it didn’t work and then not take some of the blame for that.

In 2012 he appeared on Inside the Actor’s Studio and also talked about the failed endeavor.

They put nipples on the Batsuit. I didn’t know they would do that, If Batman had to wear the suit that [I] had to wear, everyone [in Gotham City] would die.

Batman nipple suit

In 2013, when promoting Gravity, he had another thing to say about the film and also the new casting for the Superman-Batman upcoming movie.

I am the least qualified person to comment on anyone playing the role of Batman since I so terribly destroyed the part. The spacesuit [in Gravity] was just uncomfortable for me; the Batsuit was uncomfortable for all of the world.

Most recently, at the 2014 New York Comic-Con, Clooney wouldn’t let the subject rest and disappear.

I just met Adam West and I apologized to him. Sorry for the nipples on the suit.

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