Ambi Climate Makes Your Air Conditioner Smarter

Air conditioning units can already be programmed to start or stop at a certain hour, but sometimes we wish they had a little more functionality. Ambi Climate is an AC accessory that takes a lot more aspects into consideration, not just time, when adjusting the temperature.

Ambi Climate is by no means the first device of its kind. There have been others that seek to control the air conditioning unit depending on environmental factors, but I don’t remember to have seen any as complex as the Ambi Climate. It is able to track several aspects and adjusts the indoor temperature accordingly.

First of all, Ambi Climate measures the indoor temperature and humidity, and cools down or heats up the air, depending on those values. A motion sensor is also employed, as it really makes no sense to have an AC unit functioning in an empty room. Not at last, the outside weather and sunlight are tracked in order to determine their impact on the indoor temperature.

The AC accessory is controlled with the help of a companion app, which will be available on both iOS and Android. Smartphone geolocation tracking is used for turning on the AC when you’re heading home, so that you don’t have to suffer until the house gets warmer or cooler.

Ambi Climate is able to learn and remember your preferences in terms of thermal comfort, so the more time passes, the fewer manual adjustments you will have to make. In time, not only the AC unit will know when we’re heading home, but indeed all the devices that should be functioning the moment we enter the door. Smart homes should be packed with all sorts of such intelligent gadgets.

The founders of Ambi Climate, Timothy Chang, Paul Sykes, and Julian Lee launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds necessary for mass producing the gadget. At the time of writing, pledgers had already backed the project with several times the funding goal of $25,000, so anyone who contributed with $99 or more (the Super Early Bird and Early Bird spots are long gone, so don’t even dream of getting this AC accessory cheaper) will receive theirs in June 2015. A beta version will be available at the same price this November, but its probably better to wait until the summer, rather than getting a malfunctioning unit.

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