The Glance Concept Phone Won’t Get Out of Pocket

Future has great power to unfold things which one had never dreamt of. In the 19th century, wireless device was a territory unexplored! In the 20th century, could we ever imagine of accessing global information from a distant island by simply using a nano device in our palm? But this and more has now been possible with the help of companies that are developing innovative concepts in the world of technology.
Initially mobile phones were a fancy due to their simple technology of voice and SMS facility. Those were the days when not many were aware of the word ‘wireless’. With passing of time and wireless becoming a common affair, new features and services started gaining ground.

This was probably the time when cameras, games, touch, internet, caller tunes and other features were added. With this improvement, mobile phones not only became a regular thing but they also managed to replace many of the other products in the market. Few of these products that had to bear the brunt of this advancement were cameras, torch, watches etc.

The slim, minimal Glance phone by Mexican designer Alan Gerardo Farias (Alan Gerardo Farias) has added another feather to the cap of technology. This new phone offers a more comfortable and ergonomic alternative. GLANCE Concept is equipped with main smart phone 4-inch OLED-display with a protective coating on the bottom and placed an additional 2-inch OLED-screen, which displays all relevant information about the status of the phone.

GLANCE is specially designed for people who love to wear jeans and don’t want to get caught by teachers or employers when they are trying to sneak a peek at their cell phones. Further, downloading apps on heavy big screen phones just to check texts or the time can be quite a task! This tight-jean friendly Glance features a genius little screen on its bottom side in addition to the larger main screen, so even when your phone is in your pocket you can take a discreet glance down to check the battery, see who’s blowing up your email, texts, twitter, or even to casually check the time.

Know the current time, date, battery level, as well as notification of incoming SMS, emails, tweets and other communications. The display lets you see everything you need with minimal effort from your side. What more would you ask for? It has front 4 inch OLED screen with scratch resistant glass, bottom 2 inch OLED screen, front facing camera, and back facing camera with built-in flash, mini USB connection, 3.5 mm headphone jack and dual speakers for stereo sound.

A must have, isn’t it? If you have fallen in love with this design, check out Velocity Mobile Phone and Talby Mobile Phone.