Monitor Your Home, Keep Secure From Your Phone

Rogers has just launched a new home monitoring and security feature that lets smart phone and tablet users control their home systems remotely.

rogers home security monitor system

The system revolves around a central operator tablet which acts as the main hub for the controls and monitoring. The hub uses a touchpad to where users can control home security functions such as cameras and alarms or run automated applications for lighting and thermostats.

The tablet also allows users to look over photos and check up on local traffic conditions, weather patterns and sports scored and events.

Rogers is aiming to create a fully personalized home experience, which can be modified either from the central hub or on the go with its sister application for smart phones and wireless devices.

Some of the security features include 24-7 monitoring by the Rogers Central Monitoring Station which will dispatch emergency and police services automatically in case of a break-in, fire or emergency. Sensors detect entries and exits from your home, and cameras automatically record suspicious activity.

In case of an emergency, the user can connect directly with the head monitoring station.

The system also monitors other aspects of your home such as checking for water leaks and carbon monoxide or other gases in the air. As well, the system can also be set to monitor room temperatures to automatically adjust air conditioning or heating to consistently be at an agreeable level.

According to sources, the service will be offered in various plans, ranging in cost from $39.99 to $57.99 per month. It is currently available only in Ontario, Canada, but will soon be spreading.

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