9 Amazing Works of Superhero Fan Art Made by the Great Thony Silas

It’s probably impossible to choose who is the best superhero artist out there, but Tony Silas makes for a very good candidate, always making them look their best with his bigger than life style.

Superman & Batman Finally Beat Darkseid (The Best of the DC Villains)

Taking out Darkseid

Colossus Bringing Down a Sentinel (Couldn’t Do it in X-Men DOFP)


A Version of the Avengers


Doctor Strange Fondling Someone (And he’s going to have a movie in the future!)

Doctor Strange

The Important Members of the Bat Family



The Dark Knight Himself

The Dark Knight

Shazam (He’s Getting a Movie Too!)



The Best Blind Superhero, Daredevil



And then there’s Iron Fist, who isn’t very exciting

Iron FIst


For more of his work, check out his Deviantart page and his website.

Hat Tip: Geektyrant

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