tinyTesla Puts a Singing Tesla Coil on Your Desk

Tesla coils have been modified and used as musical instruments for quite some time now, but it looks like nowbody has thought of making a miniature version that people could place on their desks. tinyTesla is a crowdfunded gadget that achieves that.

When Nikola Tesla invented the Tesla coil generator around 1891, he surely didn’t think that a modified version of it would someday be used for creating music. Now, the name of this brilliant inventor is on many lips every single day, most of the times because of the Tesla electric vehicles, and on other occasions because Tesla coils get used for singing various themes.

In those clips, however, the singing Tesla coils are gigantic, and couldn’t possibly fit on a desk. tinyTesla isn’t anything like that. As even its name suggests, this gadget has small dimensions, fact that makes it more than adequate as an office accessory.

This miniature singing Tesla coil comes as a DIY kit, so anyone buying it either knows, or will have to learn a thing or two about electronics. For all means and purposes, this works exactly as a singing Tesla coil, in that it shoots sparks, plays MIDI tracks and puts your soldering skill to a test.

tinyTesla is currently featured on Kickstarter, where its manufacturer, oneTesla, tried (and succeeded) to raise the money needed for mass producing this miniature singing Tesla coil. The initial goal was of only $20K, and now, 8 days before the campaign’s end, that goal has been exceeded more than 12 times. Since the early bird spots are long gone, backers will have to pledge $149 or more to get a tinyTesla kit. There aren’t any doubts regarding the success of this campaign, so all backers should expect their tinyTesla kits in November, this year.

The ones who aren’t happy with how small tinyTesla is should take a look at oneTeslaTS, or how the developers like to call it, tinyTesla’s bigger brother. In case it wasn’t obvious already, oneTeslaTS is a bit pricier than its smaller counterpart, but the extra pledged money is equivalent to more fun.

There’s only one stretch goal left in this campaign, but I doubt that it will reach it in such a short time frame. At $400K, oneTesla plans to release a Bluetooth Tesla coil interrupter, something we’ll probably get to see at a later point.

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