Finger-Nose Touchscreen Stylus Mask

Some people just can’t put their phones down, even if that means taking it with them to the bath. When this habit extends to a smart phone with a touchscreen, this becomes even more difficult. Fortunately, Dominic Wilcox has a way around this.

For too long, he’s had to deal with texting and navigating one-handed while in the bathtub, a difficult act and risky as well since smart phones aren’t known for their ability to swim (or continue working) in water. He couldn’t break his habit, but he also couldn’t continue risking the life of his phone, leaving him with one solution: his nose. A nose is pointy, and while not as accurate as a stylus or a finger, it can get the job done. Kinda. He quickly learned that today’s smart phones aren’t designed with nose-navigation in mind, so his innoative mind came up with another solution.

Finger-Nose Stylus for Touchscreens

Nose Stylus for Smart Phones

Nose Stylus Touchscreen Navigation

By creating a mask that can be worn on the face and over the nose, Mr. Wilcox achieved his goal of safe and accurate bathtime phone fun. The mask is tipped with a long beak of a nose, more reminiscent of a Venetian plague doctor mask than any real schnozz. Tipped with a stylus, this prosthetic plaster nose offers more precise browsing capabilities, hindered only by his iPhone’s finicky auto-correct. Will Dominic Wilcox receive some sort of Nobel Prize for this gift to the world? Probably not at all, no. His silliness has won him and his blog a nomination for a Webby Award, however, so at least he has that going for him. For more of his fun inventions, don’t miss the Travel Toothbrush Safe or an On/Off Switch for Your Head.