Chinese Student Builds Transformer that Turns into a Plane

The fictional universe of the Transformers is replete with all things geeky, and that includes a lot of science fiction, robots and cyborgs.

For decades now, generations of geeks have worshipped Autobots and the sinister minded ones have always looked up to the evil Decepticons. Autobots are known to be able to transform into anything they want, and some could even turn into aircrafts. A Chinese student seems to be inspired by that idea, and has built a Transformer that actually turns into a plane.

The model looks as geeky as a Transformer could look, and seems to be made with pieces of metal, junk and LED lights. The transformer model looks rather menacing and when it turns into a plane, it sure looks out of this world. What we however do not know is whether this model is in working condition, and if it can actually fly when it transforms into a plane. I somehow feel it cannot fly like a plane, and is just a model that looks super impressive nonetheless.

There isn’t much information available about either the artist or the method that he used to create this awesome Transformer model. It however looks like he took a lot of trouble to build this particular model. If only he could tell us how he built this menacing but cool sculpture that can transform itself into a plane, I am sure many geeks who read our columns would be inspired to build it themselves.

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