TRON Segway Rolls Into the Future

No doubt with the sequel to the original cult classic TRON we were bound to see a number of fan spin offs, creations, and customizations. Yet I have to admit that while it’s extraordinarily difficult to make a Segway look like badass transportation, this TRON themed iteration comes pretty close. As the original author states, “This is the light cycle mall cops use on the Grid.” No doubt.

You would think that a custom job like this would take some serious overhauling along with a skilled mechanic, but that’s simply not the case. Ricky brigante put together this custom piece of work himself with 3M reflective safety tape, a strand of blu LED Christmas lights, a pair of scissors, and electrical tape. Not bad at all for a day’s work, if I do say so. Granted, it still doesn’t really compare to the ultra-fast and super cool light cycles that were are all so very fond of, but I have to give the creator some props. If I ever had that cash to actually purcahse a Segway, I would probably want to get it outfitted with something like this.

If you’re a TRON fan, though, there is no reason you should limit yourself to just one toy. We have featured a good amount of TRON Schwag here on Walyou, no matter what your budget is. If you are more of a frugal fan, you can pick up this TRON Medicom Bear on the cheap. If you don’t mind upping the ante, you can checkout this TRON Motorcycle suit. If you are just looking to kill some time, I would definitely checkout this TRON Drerezzed music video. I do love Daft Punk.

Via: Gizmodo