Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Returns as Real Snowman

It has been a long and exciting winters so far, snow and fog almost played spoilsport and ruined holiday plans of many people but layers of snow brought delight to creative souls who shovelled and moved snow to create snow art and sculptures. Fans of Ghostbusters series will never forget the giant in formidable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man who appears in more than one episode of the popular series, comics and video games. This awe aspiring figure made an appearance recently as a real snowman.

stay puft marshmallow snowman

It is intriguing, why wasn’t this created or reported before? Maybe Stay Puft Marshmallow Man does return every winter whenever a Ghostbusters fan creates him in snow but this time because it has been reported on the web, he seems to have reappeared in a big way. What is really amusing is, geeks seems to behind all the exciting creations in this world, only a geek could have created the character of Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in the Ghostbusters and only a geek fan can spend hours to re-create him in snow.

It is a perfect re-creation complete with hallow empty eyes, empty sinister smile and dash of blue color in the costume.  Like in the real story, Stay Puft Marshmallow Snowman may melt away with heat of the sun but not before winning all attention.

This is not the first instance where a sinister geek character has reappeared in an endearing form, check out Darth Vader Snow Globe and Space Invader Alien Snow Art.

Via: Nerd Approved