UDI U818A Drone Shows Its Acrobatic Skills

While most drones are limited to moving in the horizontal and vertical planes, UDI U818A also has some acrobatic skills, as it can evert at the flick of a button.

Thanks to its 6-axis gyroscope, the UDI U818A is extremely precisely during flight. Imagine what it would be like for a drone with an erratic flight pattern to attempt performing an eversion. There’s no point in saying that it would end disastrously, as that’s pretty obvious. UDI RC, the manufacturer of this drone, takes pride in having created a quadcopter that does 3D full flight, meaning that it can go Up/Down, Left/Right, Forward/Backward, Leftward flying/Rightward flying without any problems.

On top of that, UDI U818A is also capable of flying in suspension, as well as doing 360-degree flips. These tricks, along with the previously mentioned flight patterns make the drone quite versatile, fact that ensures endless fun while flying it, for both kids and grown-ups. Even though the quadcopter is built so that parts of its body also act as blade guards, the manufacturer’s recommended age is 14 years and up, as younger kids could approach the blades without realizing the consequences.

The 3.7V 500mAh LiPO included in the package takes approximately 120 minutes to fully charge, upon which it can keep the drone up and running (or rather flying) for anywhere between 6 and 9 minutes. That variation is caused by whether you decide to shoot video while flying the drone. The controlling distance is of about 30 meters, and while you could argue that there are drones that go much farther than that, I have to ask you what is the point of all that if you can’t see the acrobatic tricks the drone is performing?

Included in the box are the 2.4Ghz remote control, a battery charger, the battery, one set of 4 spare propellers, a 2GB microSD card and a spare screwdriver.

The 2GB microSD card that comes with the drone is used whatever video or photos you shoot with the included camera module. As far as this aspect is concerned, the resolution could be better (the module records at 640×480), but for a beginner who is more interested on how the camera moves rather on the quality of what it records, the UDI U818A is great. There is no live feed, so every time you need to see what the camera has filmed, you’ll have to download everything via USB cable.

Make sure you check the Drones category of our site if you’re looking for quadcopters with HD cameras.

UDI U818A can be purchased on Amazon for $84.95 (with more parts and bundles available here), so if conventional drones bore you, and think that acrobatic tricks could change all that, don’t think twice! Ordering it now ensures delivery before Christmas, so you’ll even get to make yourself or your kid happy these holidays with a gift like no other.

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