When is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Coming Out?

The year is coming to an end, and we don’t know a lot about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S7, but it’s not like we lack theories and rumors. This is especially the case when it comes to its eventual release date.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date 1

Samsung breathed new life into its Galaxy series with the Galaxy S6, and returned to shape providing one of their best phones in years. This is an feat they might want to achieve again with their upcoming flagship, the Samsung S7, Even though we do not know a lot about the elusive new model by the Korean giant, and information is scarce, rumors abound. The big question when it comes to this smartphone is when will the Galaxy S7 release, and at this very moment, we have three theories with compelling evidence and good chances of being true. On one hand, it is said that Samsung will be introducing their new Galaxy S7 during January, which would fit in the big scheme of things with an eventual Consumer Electronic Show presentation in Las Vegas – so far, this is the best theory out there.

On the other hand, sources from Korea Investment claim that we could expect its formal introduction at the Mobile World Congress to take place in February 2016 in Barcelona. The third theory, and the one with the least evidence, claims there will be a presentation in March, after Samsung introduce their new Note and not before, but many websites around the web claim this would be way too late, and that Samsung need to introduce their new flagship way before then, as to not have to compete with any other company’s flagship. Regardless, all seems to indicate the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be very, very similar to what we saw with the Galaxy S6, but with some improvements under the hood such as the new Snapdragon 820 chipset that is meant to replace the old Exynos 7420. Right under these lines you can see a few renders that the GSM Arena team uncovered to illustrate the few changes that are coming.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date 2

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date 3

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date 4

Whether any of these rumors end up being true or not, it would seem the announcement will be happening in the first quarter of 2016. While all these possibilities might sound like they don’t make a lot of a difference to us, for this mega-companies it’s an incredibly important matter for their stock is public, and speculation in the market might give or take resources from whatever Samsung have in mind for whatever the S7 rumor will be the year after. The cycles keep getting shorter, but as long as Samsung keeps delivering, it will all be okay.

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