Carnivorous Plant Inspires Scientists to Create Ultimate Non-stick Frying Pan

If you are the kind of person who gets fascinated by strange plants, you would have heard about the pitchers. Pitchers are carnivorous plants that consume live insects and small animals.

The pitchers’ leaves have inspired scientists to create a non-stick frying pan, and while it may sound humorous, the scientists have actually gone ahead and tried it out. The plant’s leaves are virtually frictionless and it repels all liquids including water. Scientists copied the molecule composition of the leaves to create a super-slippery surface that could be used on self-cleaning windows and non stick frying pans as well. Scientists have claimed that the new material would help the discerning cook by preventing complex liquids like blood and oil sticking to frying pans.

It remains slippery even in humid and freezing conditions and the Slippery Liquid-Infused Porous Surface coating (Slip) would work in many areas of life like optics, fuel transport and even biotechnology. If one scratches the surface with a knife, the surface immediately retains its repellent qualities. Apparently, it is also cheap to manufacture the material, which is perhaps why the scientists thought about frying pans.

The next time you complain about how sticky that non-stick frying pan is, and how you have been swindled, take heart. New technologies and developments such as this one here would help you find the best frying pan ever known to humans. One would no longer have to worry about that extra greasy vegetable that was being fried on the frying pan. You would also not have to worry about pieces of meat sticking to the frying pan, and not getting separated from teh surface even after you used some of the most lethal dish washers. Talking about self cleaning windows, scientists are hopeful that the new material would help in building window surfaces that resist against bacteria, graffiti and also prevent icing up in freezing conditions.

The scientists are hopeful that while the Slippery Liquid-Infused Porous Surface coating (Slip) can help in kitchen gadgets and self-cleaning window surfaces, it may also help in other areas of science and technology like biotechnology, deep sea exploration and even in medical and health care. Perhaps, a time will come when we no longer would have to clean the frying pans even, as they would not only be non-stick, but also anti-bacterial. You could also take a look at the Modernist Cookbook, which talks about the sub-atomic principles of cooking. The iGrill Meat Thermometer helps you to multi-task while you BBQ.